Cooking Together

This is the summer for cooking together and building healthy habits. Here are your top ten reasons to get cooking at home:

  1. Control the quality of ingredients. Be assured that your family is eating wholesome foods that you selected.

  2. Portion out meals and snacks for the week. Stay on track with healthy eating by having meals and snacks ready to go.

  3. Limit sodium in your foods. Greatly reduce the added salt that restaurants are notorious for using.

  4. Use your own creativity. Let meal planning be a creative outlet for you and have the kids get involved with menu ideas or recipe searches.

  5. Boost your food know-how. Exploring new cooking techniques is a great way to explore the diverse properties of foods.

  1. Save money. Preparing meals at home is more economical from a cash and calorie perspective.
  2. Get the whole family involved. There are ways to get children, from toddler to teenager, involved in the cooking process. 
  3. Easier to moderate portion sizes. Most restaurant portion sizes are at least twice the size of an actual portion.
  4. Confidence boost. The more you cook and practice making meals, the more confidence you’ll gain in the kitchen.
  5. Building healthy habits. Children will model behaviors and learning to cook is associated with many positive health benefits.